Environmental policy

Kwanto is a small, owner-operated business that provides project management and cost consultancy services to the New Zealand construction industry.

A proactive approach to environmental sustainability is an expectation of many stakeholders and fits with Kwanto’s core values. We value quality and working together as a team that supports each other, our environment, and the communities that we operate in.

Kwanto aims to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, and thread environmental sustainability through our project management and cost consultancy services to help promote the benefits of such approaches.

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental management system to improve our environmental performance by:

  1. Integrating our environmental goals into routine business practices such as team meetings, internal projects, technical tools, purchasing decisions and professional affiliations.
  2. Monitoring, evaluating, and communicating progress towards our environmental goals.
  3. Updating our environmental goals to continue to minimise our own environmental impact and maximise our influence on the construction industry.

Kwanto is committed to the protection of the environment and pollution prevention, and to comply with our compliance requirements.

This policy was approved by directors James White and Maria Ross on 16 November 2022.